RNMG: Chapter One – Returning

Si Huang woke up from a deep sleep, clutching at the bed sheet with pale, white fingers. The veins on her forehead were pulsing.

The hazy light peeking through the curtains made Si Huang aware that the time was still very early in the morning. A pair of pitch-black eyes were obscured by a mop of sweaty black hair on the forehead. A hoarse gasp came through her throat. It was just like the struggle of a beast.

“Ha… hehe hehe hehe!” Suddenly, the hoarse gasp turned into laughter. At first, it seemed pleasant and cheerful, but with Si Huang covering his eyes and touching his neck, the sight seemed bizarre and strange.

In the end, the laughter died in his throat; and the laughter now sounded like gut-wrenching sobs of crazy desperation.

Slowly, the laughter no longer came out. There was only the sound of breathing. One hand lifted up the sweaty black hair, showing the full forehead, exposing the hidden eyes.

If someone were to see this scene, they would surely find it unexpected that these pair of eyes not only didn’t have the slightest hint of tears, on the contrary, they were terribly calm. Too calm, those dark eyes seemed to see through everything, seeming very magical.

[When are you going to escape?]

A voice suddenly sounded in his mind. Si Huang wasn’t the least bit surprised by it. The corners of lips curved and she lifted the quilt off of her, getting out of bed.

There was a full-length mirror inside the bathroom. Si Huang stood before it and leaned forward, looking at her own reflection.

The youth was around sixteen or seventeen years old. Her four limbs were tender and thin. The contours of her figure were flowing and graceful. Her skin was white like jade under the lighting of the bathroom and the contrast of the tiles. Her most beautiful aspect was her face with a full forehead and long eyebrows which were almost near the temples. It was unnecessary to trim the eyebrows as they were naturally stylish.

The two eyes below the eyebrows were half-lidded. She touched the corner of her eyes which were upturned. Her dense eyelashes and those eyes were perfectly matched and unblemished.

At that moment, her pupils were devoid of light watching herself attentively, making one feel that her expression was ruthless and heartless, making her young and tender face seem callous.

This was a face kissed by God. It was beautiful irrelevant of gender.

However, not paying attention to her body, her messy, short hairdo made people naturally assume that she was a boy.

In fact, her current identity, including the one on her ID card, was a male.

Si Huang stared at herself intently for a long time and suddenly closed her eyes. Two seconds later, she opened them again. This time, the darkness in her eyes was replaced with the clear sky after a heavy rain, her brows relaxed and her face bloomed into a brilliant smile.

Innocent, pure, just like an angel!

It’s just that the angel came quickly and disappeared equally fast. The curve on her lips changed, turning her expression into one of disgust and ridicule.

Si Huang turned and saw the criss-cross whip marks on her back in the mirror.

In the past three days, she had been staying in her own room. Besides eating, she was lying in her bed and recovering from her illness. If she were to summarise her past life in a sentence, she would say—all 28 years of her past life were lived for others and taken full advantage of by others. Even in death, she didn’t receive a burial ground and her body was thrown away and desecrated, chewed on by beasts and crawled over by insects. Her body finally became manure for nature.

For three nights, she dreamt the same dream. In that dream, she experienced a long and desperate pain of death.

[You only have ten days to live.] The voice inside her mind once again spoke, with a hating iron for not becoming steel tone.

This time, Si Huang responded, “I know.” She turned the knob and the water fell from the shower head. Her voice was hushed by the sound of the water. “This time, I will cherish my life more than anyone else.”

The reborn Si Huang was only sixteen years old this year, but her height was already 1.72 metres. Even among boys of the same age, the height was considered to be among the top.

She opened her closet and picked up a grey-blue t-shirt from a pile of clothes which were all in dark shades. Wearing a black sweater with a pair of black casual jeans, she looked at herself in the mirror. The slightly long black hair on her forehead covered the top half of her face, making her seem depressed and gloomy.

Si Huang remembered that before the age of eighteen, she had exactly this kind of an introverted and gloomy image, a shadow of Si Hua. In order to throw light on Si Hua’s ‘brilliance’, she absolutely couldn’t grab his limelight. It was not until after she turned eighteen that her value was completely dug out; she was allowed to come forth with her talent and ability, but lamentably, she had become a puppet.

Her red lips curved. Si Huang lifted the black hair on her forehead, revealing a perfect, unblemished face. Although she saw her perfect face, she was still dissatisfied with her figure in the mirror. She slightly raised her eyebrows. Within an instant, just where was the gloomy youth? Clearly, this was a radiant and brilliant supermodel.

Knock, Knock!

The door was knocked twice and an expressionless woman entered with his breakfast.

She initially planned to put the breakfast down and leave as usual when suddenly, she heard the sound of the curtains being pulled open. She instinctively looked up to see a slender youth bringing down his hand which had just now pulled open the curtains. He seemed to take a deep breath and turned around to look at her.

“Good morning.”

The young man was bathed in the morning light, showing a graceful smile, with a pure and intoxicating voice.


Si Huang looked at the fallen platter indifferently. Taking leisurely footsteps, projecting an indescribable elegance, she stopped near Wang Ma. She bowed her head and whispered in her ear, “Were you happy with your little lover, last night?”

Wang Ma head was blank for a second. She looked at Si Huang with a rigid expression. The youth’s hand abruptly pressed her head down to the ground with immense strength, overwhelming her completely.

The face was pressed down on the broken pieces of the platter which had just fallen to the ground.

“Ah… wu!” She hadn’t finished shouting when immediately, her head was pressed down with more force and her lips took on a mashed up shape.

“Shh!” Si Huang crouched and softly soothed her. “Quiet.” Taking her hand off, she wiped it on Wang Ma’s clothes. “Don’t worry, your little lover won’t leave you because of a little disfigurement. After all, the money in my card is not little.”

Initially, Wang Ma was furious but upon hearing that, her face stiffened. Her heart struggled, wondering what Si Huang really knew. “Young Master, what do you mean by this? Please don’t slander me! Although the young master’s card is in my hands, every penny was spent for the sake of the young master!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wang Ma shut up. The wound torn apart by the broken pieces of the platter really hurt too much.

Not hearing Si Huang respond for quite some time, Wang Ma raised her head to see that the other had already walked away. He was walking out and she could see his back which was ramrod straight but yet, not too stiff. He was completely unlike his past self, the eldest young master who used to always keep his head bowed and walk.

Once she remembered Si Huang’s soft and gentle low, intoxicating voice, Wang Ma didn’t know why, but she felt a chill go down her spine.

When she went down the staircase, Si Huang raised her lids to see a woman dining with a teenager who was as old as her; the thoughts in her head had already changed directions.

She remembered that the whip lashes her sixteen-year-old self had received were given by Si Zhihan because she was hanging around in front of a nightclub that evening, but more importantly, she almost caused Si Hua to be killed.

Si Zhihan had beaten her not leaving out either of her hands, he didn’t consider whether she would die or not. After finished with whipping her, he threw her into her room, leaving her to fend for herself, not even visiting her once. She had a high fever because of the wounds and nearly died because of it. This time? She had really died, replaced with her future self.

Si Huang gently chuckled.

Bai Qinglan and Si Hua who were both having breakfast in the hall below had already noticed her. The moment they saw her, they couldn’t move their eyes away.

The youth walked unhurriedly down the staircase, his forehead covered with an indolent and messy mop of hair which didn’t need hairspray to set it so that it didn’t fall over to cover her eyebrows. His eyes were half-lidded, the corner of her mouth was gently curved, with a ‘barely woken up’ languid, pleased expression; this not only didn’t have the slightest bit of vulgarity but gave him the air of nobility and extravagance.

—Just like a prideful ancient aristocrat, a heaven’s proud son

Si Hua’s fingers unconsciously used extra force and the steel fork scraped against the plate making a harsh sound.

The sound not only let Bai Qinglan snap out of her daze but also made Si Huang look up with her eyes radiating brilliance as if she had seen an extremely joyful and delightful thing.

Si Huang’s footsteps became brisk and her raised eyebrows changed her temperament. The naive-looking beautiful youth came to the dining table where the two people sat and reached out her hand…


The tablecloth on the dining table was turned over, and all the food fell on top of the blankly staring mother and son pair.

“Si Huang! Are you crazy?” Bai Qinglan cried out in fear.

“Hehe,” Si Huang smiled mischievously. She picked up the red wine bottle that had fallen on the ground and smashed it on the head of the still dazed Si Hua.


Bai Qinglan stared in shock at Si Huang who was holding the broken bottle. “You’re crazy! You’ve gone mad!” Snapping out of her shock, she immediately turned to the servant who was staring at the scene in shock, “What are you doing, staring blankly? Quickly, grab hold of this lunatic!”

Si Huang poured the red wine on Si Hua’s face. She looked at the person on the ground who was in pain, his expression distorted. Her eyes bent as her lips curved. “Don’t come closer, or I’ll cut his throat.”

Si Huang’s voice was just like her face — as if favoured by the gods. It was so magnetic that it made people addicted to it. If her words slowed down slightly, it made others’ heart as itchy as a feather tickling them; it made both the mind and the body feel soft. About this, Si Huang knew very well. So, in her previous life, she did her best to not speak in an old-fashioned manner. This was to avoid other men to think that she was seducing them. This way, she could prevent unnecessary trouble and humiliation.

Now, however, she didn’t have to hide the melody of her gentle voice. The minute she spoke, all the people coming towards her stopped in their paths because they saw that the jagged edge of the broken bottle that Si Huang held was pressing into Si Hua’s neck, making it bleed.

The hall was quiet, and the blood slid out of Wang Ma’s face who stood on the staircase. She was frozen, unable to move. Initially, she wanted to come down and complain, but stopped when she saw this scene…

At this time, no one was able to see Si Huang’s expression other than Si Hua who was lying on the ground.

Her face had an unbridled smile on it; her eyes flickered, sometimes bright and sometimes dark. But her gaze was penetrating, as If she were a wild beast who had gotten hold of her prey.

From Si Hua’s throat came out a hoarse sound. For the first time, he was able to understand the meaning of killing intent. At that moment, he was clearer than anyone else that Si Huang really wanted to kill him, and she even dared to kill!

Heavens! Was he dreaming? He hadn’t seen the other for three days, how did his aura change so completely like this?

“En…” Si Huang blinked and the murderousness that Si Hua felt and feared disappeared. Those pair of beautiful eyes scrutinised Si Hua for a time. She smiled, “This look of yours just now, are you saying that I almost ruined you?”

Standing up again, she casually tidied up her clothes.

Smiling, Si Huang walked away.

Seeing her leaving, no one in the room dared to stop her.

“Si Huang! If you have the ability, don’t come back!” Bai Qinglan’s sharp voice screeched. If one listened carefully, one could hear a slight tremble in her voice.

Si Huang nodded gently. She knew what she was doing, obviously. If she dared to come back today, she would be beaten by Si Zhihan if not until she died, at least until she was half-dead.

As she moved forward she walked faster and by the time Bai Qinglan calmed down and called the bodyguard to catch her, she was already gone.

However, even if it was obvious, Si Huang didn’t walk so rapidly to run away. Instead, her light and quick pace resembled someone who had struggled free of another’s hold; as if a cooped up, a caged bird had flown free; as if a beast had gone wild, tearing down its metal leash. Even if she was covered with bruises, her claws were in no way rusty. She was ready to experience her freedom flamboyantly.

Si Huang did not repent the arrogance she had displayed just now, not even a little bit.

In her last life, she had endured enough, was foolish enough and had had enough.

This life, she wanted to live for herself, if there was a debt, she would settle it, if she had a hatred she would take revenge — she wanted to do just anything that she wished to.  

This was the decision she had made three days ago.


From the moment her feet stepped out of the gates of Si Family, the smile on Si Huang’s face became more and more apparent until finally, it turned into happy laughter.

[Vented enough?]

“This is just the beginning.”

[If you continue this way, ten days will not be enough for you to live.]

“Rest assured, I don’t want to die.”

[Then you immediately get some faith for laozi! You lazy goods!] The tranquil voice suddenly erupted in rage.


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